Sunday, September 6, 2009


is one of the simplest ways to describe life.

I found out today that my aunt passed away last night :(

How they can be here one minute and gone the next.
This will be my third funeral this year.
Can I just say that this is the worst year I have ever endured.
I am ready for it to be over, please.
I'm in a state of shock and haven't reallly accepted the fact that she is gone.

I feel so alone.

I am so weak,
like raw, will it get better?

I can't handle anything more.
The time when I need somebody the most and they arn't there.

Aunt La Verne ,, R.I.P
Grandpa Ed,, R.I.P &&
Lenny,, R.I.P
I love you guys, so so much =/

Lifee and the pursuit if happiness :D

Hey All! I haven't blogged in awhile, you can blame that on life happening.

Well, where to start? It's pretty good right now. I am probably the happiest I have been in a while. As you know I have started college. Yay! I love it :DD It's awesome, amazing, stressful, entertain-able, boring etc. But I really do love it. It could be because I hadn't had much of a life before I started but whatever. At first it was overwhelming but I picked up the pace and got with it. I go everyday.
And...I must say..many, many cute guys. hah There is eye candy in my psychology class and Sign Language class. Right On, right? Like that's what I am there for, but it helps me focus. :) Sign Language is awesome and I love my teacher.

I just love the college life and I am so happy to finally be doing something with my life. I feel like I am going places and now when I smile and tell people I am happy I am not lying a hundred percent. haha

I have met so many new people. I'm not nervous to talk to them at all. Like so many people :D I joined Psi Beta, which is for psychology. I know that this is going to be an awesome experience. I hope I met many more people and have fun times.

My life is finally starting and I am not stalling anymore. It's my time to shine, nobody can slow me down.

Grandpa, I am doing it for you! I miss you more and more everyday but I have to keep moving. I know this is what you would want, I do weep for you, but you are making me a stronger person everyday. I love you! R.I.P :)

Goooodnight :] I can't believe how happy I really am, for once in my life. I'm doing it big,, Baaaaaabbbaaayy :DD